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Quartz component maker TXC bullish on automotive and AI demand - DIGITIMES

TXC, a Taiwan-based quartz component supplier, is bullish on demand for automotive and AI device applications despite unfavorable macro conditions affecting near-term demand.

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iOS 17.2 will solve iPhone wireless charging issues in some cars -

Apple has announced the official release of the iOS 17.2 update which will be available to all users next week. In this update, Apple stated that it has solved the problem that some General Motors (GM) owners noticed in the iOS 17.1.1 version. The issue is that the iPhone 15 cannot charge wirelessly in the car. The company has now officially said that this update will take care of this issue. While General Motors owners have confirmed a fix for this issue, it is a common issue in other cars. Apple has also confirmed that this issue is not specific to General Motors alone.

wireless charging


Some users have reported issues with iPhones not charging wirelessly in certain cars. According to users complaints on Apple Community, the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro are some of the models that have experienced this issue. The problem seems to occur when the iPhone’s camera bump or case interferes with the charging coil, making it difficult for the charger to establish a proper connection. According to Apple, here are some examples of cars where users have reported this issue:

2022 GMC 2021 Maserati 2019 Chevy Silverado High Country

The issue is not limited to specific car models, as it has been reported in various car brands, including GM, Ford, and Maserati. Some users have suggested that the problem might be due to a design flaw in the iPhone, and they hope that future software updates could resolve the issue. In the meantime, users can try alternative solutions, such as using a charging cable or a different wireless charger, to charge their iPhones in their cars.

This issue has been a common complaint among users who have tried to charge their iPhones wirelessly in their cars. The new update aims to fix this problem for General Motors and improve the overall user experience. This issue was first reported last month, General Motors confirmed to the media “The Verge” that they were aware of the issue and were investigating. However, they did not provide further information at the time.

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In the release notes of iOS 17.2, Apple clearly stated: “Fixed an issue that may cause some cars to be unable to charge wirelessly.” Although Apple did not specifically mention whether this fix is ​​specifically for GM owners, GM owners have confirmed that their charging is fine now.

iPhone 15 issue BMW wireless charging

iOS 17.2 Release Notes

According to Apple’s release notes, iOS 17.2 fixes an issue that may prevent wireless charging in certain vehicles. This update is designed to address the concerns of users who have experienced difficulties with wireless charging in their vehicles.

The iOS 17.2 update is particularly relevant for General Motors vehicles, as it allegedly fixes iPhone wireless charging issues in these cars. This includes the Bolt EV, which has been reported to have wireless charging problems. With the release of iOS 17.2, users can expect a smoother charging experience in their GM vehicles.


Previously, in the iOS 17.1.1 version released in early November, Apple had provided fixes for wireless charging and NFC issues for BMW owners. This is the second time Apple has fixed issues affecting in-car wireless charging in the iOS 17 version. The official release of iOS 17.2 marks a significant step forward in addressing the wireless charging issues faced by some iPhone users in certain vehicles. This update aims to improve the overall user experience and ensure that iPhones charge wirelessly without any issues in compatible vehicles. With the release of iOS 17.2, users can expect a more seamless and convenient charging experience in their cars.

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VW says audit finds no sign of forced labor at Xinjiang site - Automotive News Europe

VW says audit finds no sign of forced labor at Xinjiang site  Automotive News Europe
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14-year-olds arrested for breaking into cars; Police warn it's a new trend - NBC 10 Philadelphia

Two teens were arrested on Tuesday for breaking into cars in Delaware County and now police are warning of a trend involving car thefts and underage people.

On Tuesday at 11 a.m. the Yeadon Borough Police Department was alerted about two men busting the window of a parked car in the alley on the 800 block of Connell Ave., according to officials.

Police were given a detailed description of the individuals, both 14-years-old, and took them both into custody a short distance from the scene after they responded to the area.

Yeadon Police Department Chief Henry Giammarco said one of the teens was due in court Tuesday for a similar incident that happened over the summer.

“When they were asked why they weren’t in school—the one person said ‘oh because I have court’ the other person said ‘oh I didn’t feel like going today’,” Giammarco said.

This incident is one of many thefts that have taken place in Delaware County recently.

Over the weekend, the Upper Chichester Police Department responded to multiple incidents involving stolen cars and thefts of property from cars.

Investigators are currently still looking for four people who were captured on surveillance video breaking into cars on Sunday around 3:45 a.m.

Police say the group broke into two cars.

The Yeadon Borough Police Department are searching for four individuals who were caught on surveillance breaking into multiple cars Sunday morning.

“Right now we’re not sure if—they might’ve been unlocked. We’re not exactly sure, we’re not sure if anything was taken at this point,” Giammarco said.

These incidents occurred in the overnight hours in the Ogden area on the 1000 block of Serrill Ave.

Neighbors in the area said they’ve seen teens in the area get involved in car theft gangs. It’s a trend Yeadon police confirmed has increased recently.

“Just stay focused on their education. Just stay off the streets. They don’t need to be on the streets. Stay in,” one neighbor said.

Yeadon police also say when underage violators are arrested many juvenile detention centers are too overcrowded to keep them in custody.

“You know, the recidivism and constantly stealing cars. The kids even know it—today the children that we arrested, the 14-year-olds basically said ‘well yeah you’re going to call our parents, we’re going to get released and we’re going to get a court date’. They know the system better than we do and that’s the scary part of this,” Giammarco said.

This is a developing story. It will be updated as information becomes available.

Police said a car gets stolen every 43.8 seconds in the United States.

They are warning the public to take care when parking and exiting your vehicle by taking the following steps:

Take your vehicle's key; do not leave it in or on your vehicle. Close and lock all windows and doors when you park. Park in well-lit areas if possible. Never leave valuables in your vehicle, especially if they can be seen from outside.
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U.S.-Owned Company's Investment Boosts Success of Automotive Sector - Hungary Today

International automotive companies no longer regard Hungary as just an assembly plant; the sector is characterized by highly innovative and high-tech operations, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said in Székesfehérvár (central Hungary) on Tuesday.

At the announcement of a new investment by Howmet-Köfém Kft., the Minister noted that the U.S.-owned company is expanding the capacity of its wheel manufacturing plant to the tune of HUF 17 billion (EUR 45 million).

The project will be supported by the state with HUF 5 billion (EUR 13 million), helping to create 80 new jobs.

Péter Szijjártó added that the world economy has been turned upside down twice in recent years and, as always, major changes divide the players into winners and losers. “In both crises, we Hungarians have stuck to the economic strategy that we launched in 2010, and to base our economic policy not on aid but on job creation and investment,” he underlined. He also pointed out that

the economy is set to hit new highs this year, with investment doubling and exports growing by 6-8 percent.

Minister Szijjártó stressed that these results could not have been achieved without U.S. companies. He emphasized that these companies are now the second largest investor community in Hungary, and

the value of bilateral trade exceeded USD 8 billion last year, a record high, and we can expect further record highs this year, with an 11 percent increase.

“If we look at the overall system of relations and cooperation between Hungary and the United States, it is no exaggeration to say that the best functioning part of it is economic, trade and investment cooperation,” the politician said.

The Minister stressed that

the Hungarian automotive industry has increased its production value 3.5 times since 2010, and last year it had already exceeded the HUF 10,000 billion (EUR 26 billion) mark, and had done so by a substantial amount, reaching HUF 12,000 billion (EUR 32 billion).

“With an 18 percent increase in the year to November, this shows that the automotive industry is delivering another peak performance,” he highlighted. Péter Szijjártó explained that the sector, employing around 170,000 people, has an export share of 90 percent. “Today, we are no longer seen by large international companies as a mere assembly plant (…) but as a sector that is highly innovative and high-tech,” the Minister concluded.

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Economic Outlook for the Future Is Positive due to Automotive Sector

It is particularly important for Hungary to gradually move up in terms of industrial value added, a recent report shows.Continue reading

Via MTI, Featured image via Facebook/Szijjártó Péter

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